Thursday, August 5, 2010

Opinion Poll: Which Title Do You Like Best?

I'm still riding the high from receiving my latest contract, despite this little hiccup:  Another story at the same press already uses the title I had in mind (Hearts in the Dark).  I'm so bummed!  Alas, no sense wallowing, as another title is needed and needed soon!  That's where you come in.  Please read the very brief description here, go take a look at the longer blurb under Short Stories, if you like, and let me know which (if any) of these titles does it for ya:

DESCRIPTION:  Polar opposites find acceptance and love while trapped together in a pitch-black elevator.

TWO QUOTES THAT INSPIRED ME: "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind" (Shakespeare), and, "The windows of my soul I throw / Wide open to the sun" (Whittier)

OFF THE TABLE:  Dark Lover (J.R. Ward, damn her! Psst, J.R., when's the next BDB book coming???) and Love in an Elevator (cuz, well, the Aerosmith song just doesn't well reflect the tone of the story...) and Heart of Darkness (because I'm not Joseph Conrad and never will be) and Dark and Lovely (because I'm not selling hair products here). Cover of Darkness and Blind Love are also out for being previously used at the press.  Okay, on with the poll:

1. Dark Hearts (I kinda wanna keep "hearts", somehow...)
2. Hearts and Farts in the Dark
2. Embrace the Dark (alt. Dark Embrace)
3. Gettin' it Up and Goin' Down in an Elevator
3. Nothing but the Dark
4. From Darkness to Light
5. From the Dark (alt. From the Dark, Love)
5. Tight Spaces (courtesy of Stephanie Dray, thanks, dear)
6. Hearts in Darkness
7. Darkness Reveals (alt. Dark Revelation -- too paranormally?)
8. Love in the Dark (boring?)
8. The Shaft
9. Wide Open to the Dark (a play on the Whittier poem)
10. Hearts Revealed

Vote early! Vote often! And feel free to offer anything that springs to mind. I'd be much obliged, too, if you wouldn't mind circulating this post around a bit--I need as much input as I can get.  My mind's not ready to let go of Hearts in the Dark yet!

Thanks for reading, and voting,


robindejarnett said...

How about Hearts Unseen? Otherwise, I like Dark Embrace or Embrace the Dark.

Good luck!

Robin DeJarnett

Brandi said...

I like From the Dark or Hearts in Darkness from your list. As the commenter before me said, Hearts Unseen is a good one too. But, then again, they do "see" each other, just not really see each other...
Discovery in the Dark? Discovery in Darkness? Discovery of Hearts? Gah, this is so hard! Too bad you can't have your original title, I liked it!

Liz Fichera said...

I like Dark Hearts, although that implies a dark story too, IMO.

Other ideas: Bump in the Night

Good luck with finding the perfect title!

Saranna DeWylde said...

What about Dark Destiny?

ShelbieLynCullen said...

I'm going to go with Dark Embrace. It would make me want to read it. And I must say don't use "Hearts in Darkness" because there is already "Heart of Darkness" and no one really wants to go up against the classics, am I right?

Good luck, Laura!

Lisa said...

I like Dark Embrace

Laura Kaye said...

Keep those ideas coming, peeps, it's much appreciated!

Liza said...

I like Nothing But The Dark. Although I do love the idea of keeping "hearts" in there somewhere

Liza said...

My husband just came and read over my shoulder. He liked all the ones that were crossed out. figures...but of the ones that remained, he choose Hearts in Darkness. So there is another vote. :)

Char said...

I vote for Hearts In Darkness - thinks out of the ones you posted it fits the best. :)

Killian said...

Of those listed, I really like "From the Dark." It immediately piques my interest and makes me want answers, i.e., makes me want to read.

You know me, I'm all frills and archaic stuff. How about, "From the Shadows Cometh" or "In Darkness Bidden"? Yeah, I didn't think so...


whynot said...

Although I like Dark Embrace, I think it sounds like 1)every other vampire novel (lol), or like you're trying to play off J.R. Ward. How about "From Darkness Into Love"?

Laura Kaye said...


And, Liza, I like your husband's taste. My editor had a special liking for Gettin' it Up and Goin' Down...I guess it's good our humor runs along the same lines!

Ah, this is so helpful guys!

Jenny (TV Is My Pacifier) said...

As Robin suggested, Hearts Unseen is good. I also like Cupid Painted Blind, which was suggested elsewhere. ;)

Sarah said...

Firstly, I just want to say how much I want to read this story! It sounds wonderful.

From your list of nominees, my choice would be Hearts in Darkness. However, all the Dark and Darkness titles lead me to believe it's going to be a dark story. I'm not sure I'd pick it up.

From the blurb, it sounds like they are opposites attracting because they can't see each other and they've let down their walls. Maybe you could bring that into the title more.

Hearts Enclosed in Darkness just popped into my head, but it's a bit wordy and still had darkness ;)

Again with the dark, but Without the Dark - because without the dark, they would never have given each other a chance.

And this is why I am not a writer! I know what I want to say, but it just won't form into words.

Good luck!

Sattinson said...

I like HEARTS UNSEEN as a reader suggested, or HEARTS REVEALED.

How about HEARTS FOUND IN DARKNESS? Ehh maybe not (I'll stick to reading!).

Whatever you decide, I can't wait to read it!

Good luck!

Robyn AKA Sattinson

Alison Oburia said...

Care to continue the alliteration from your first novel? Hidden Hearts?? Otherwise, I like Hearts Unseen or Hearts Revealed. Dark Embrace sounds steamy a la JR Ward so that could be a good choice too. Meh...I'm waffling and not being much help, am I.

: / Alison

Laura Kaye said...

I'm really loving everyone's suggestions. Hearts in Darkness may still be at the top of my list, but Hearts Unseen is growing on me, I have to say. Hidden Hearts sounds nice, but I'm wondering if it's not quite the right words since, in fact, the don't hide (because the dark allows them the freedom). My editor suggested playing around with "trapped," given their circumstances. Trapped Hearts? Not sure it works for me.

You guys are great!

Niki said...

Here is a relevant quotation you might like. It is by Helen Keller
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart.

Ann Best said...

I'm terrible with titles. I had one I really liked for my memoir, and my editor changed it. But I think I now like hers better.

All I can think of is Trapped into Love. But I think you're aiming for hearts in the title (?)

I just met you via KarenG (Coming Down the Mountain). Glad I did. I'll be back.

Laura Kaye said...

Welcome Ann. And, Niki, I'm loving that quote!

Lori Bogle said...

How about Passionate Interlude.

Christine said...

I like Dark Embrace from your list. Or might I suggest.. From the Darkness? I am not a Christine