Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet an Author Monday!

Hi guys--I'm hopping today, so it must be Monday!  It works like this:  visit any author's link and see the full list of links, so you can easily return or navigate on.  If you're a reader, please drop a line to say 'hi'; if you're a writer you can join the fun by clicking on the linky below.

In honor of school starting this week, here are five fun school-related facts about me:
1) Beginning with kindergarten and going all the way through the end of graduate school, I attended 24 year of full-time schooling.  Wow.  God, that's how I got so old lol!
2) My first love was always history.  I grew up in western Maryland, just a few miles from Antietam, and so the history of the Civil War always fascinated me.
3) My second love was biology.  I won a lot of science fairs with my biology field research in high school.  Some days I wish I would've gone that route, particularly marine biology.  Oh, to work on the water!
4) Yes, it's true, I was a band geek.  Drum major, even.  Geeky as it might've been, those are still some of my most fond high school memories.
5) I won a writing contest in high school with one of the few pieces of fiction I wrote before a few years ago.  The writing prompt was to write a story that made significant use of technology.  I wrote a piece called "Peter Saves the Czar"--it was a science fiction/time travel story about a high school boy who invented a time machine and went back to Russia to save the Romanovs from assassination.  I wonder what ever happened to that...

Okay, your turn--share a fun school-related fact!

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Lisa said...

When I was a freshman I wrote a short story that was a continuation of Gone With The Wind titled, Back With Bunyons. Argh! So goofy and stupid. I remember laughing through the entire thing.

Laura Kaye said...

lol--love that!