Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dream Builders

Stealing a few last hours in Florida for myself the Sunday morning after the RWA ended and before my flight departed, I was wandering through the Magic Kingdom when I saw this sign.  And I was so struck by its relevance to the craft of writing that I just had to take a picture so I could remember the sentiment.

Get a good idea.  Inspiration for story ideas has never been a problem for me.  In fact, one form of my procrastination seems to come in the form of new-idea generation, sometimes to the point where I have to write the new idea to get it out of the way of what I'm supposed to be writing.  But, still, the good idea / original premise / big concept -- we're all in search of this.  When we find it, it's golden.

Stay with it.  Perseverance is probably 90% of writing / publishing success.  It's so easy to be too tired, too uninspired, too busy, too distracted.  But books don't get written without butts in seat and fingers on keyboards.  Whatever you gotta do to make that happen, whatever time you can carve out, you gotta do it.

Dog it, work at it's done, and done right.  Editing, revising, rethinking, reassessing, getting feedback and adding that in.  Drafting is such a small part of the process.  This is also the step where you admit to yourself that this little issue here or that little bit of awkward flow there is bugging you for a good reason.  And, no matter how witty or clever that bit might've been, it doesn't work right, and it's gotta go, or be reworked.

No matter what you think of the commercialism of his empire, Walt Disney knew creativity.  He understood the process; he got what it took.  We, too, can be dream builders--for those few hours someone gets immersed in our worlds and experiences something fun and exciting and romantic about which to day dream.  So, for this and so much else, thanks, Uncle Walt.

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Saranna DeWylde said...

Good advice, Laura. And a good reminder.... I need to get but in chair.

Saranna DeWylde said...

See, I can't even spell "butt" correctly. Maybe it's time to go to bed instead?

Francine said...


Good motivational inspiring post!


Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

Nicki Elson said...

Walter Disney rocks! Thanks for this application of his work ethic, philosophy, and creativity to the craft of writing. You rock too. :)