Monday, August 16, 2010

Blog Hop Monday & Random Facts About Me

Happy Monday!  Another great chance to get to meet some new authors and explore their sites.  Drop by, say hello, leave a comment.  We love to hear from you.

For visiting, here's a little something for you.  Five Random Facts About Me--geography-style:
1) From my house, I can hear the waters of the Chesapeake Bay lap against the beach
2) I have lived in the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia
3) I spent most of my growing up years in the small, small town of Clear Spring, MD
4) I can be to the Atlantic Ocean in just an hour and a half
5) I have only seen the Pacific Ocean three times (from Seattle, L.A., and San Fran)

Tell me a little about the settings of your life!

Thanks for reading,


KarenG said...

Yay Minnesota! I grew up fishing and waterskiing on the lakes there, and although I never actually lived in the state, my family does and I visit often. I'm actually from Illinois, and the mighty Mississippi was a part of my life, also the Illinois and Missouri Rivers. When we lived in California, I took my kids to the beach constantly. I love being around water. And now I live in a desert!

Laura Kaye said...

That's great, Karen! I wonder if a water environment is a water environment, or if there is a really different feel/culture between major waterways? I lived in Minnesota for one winter--and that was enough! lol

Jennifer Becton said...

I come from a Northern family, but I live in the South. I always tell people I'm bilingual: I speak Yankee and Southern. And they are completely different langauges!