Monday, August 2, 2010

Blog Hop Monday--Come Hop Along!

Hey guys!  It's a great time to meet some new authors!  Follow the links to learn more about all these authors--this list will appear on each author's site, so you can easily return here or move on to the next new-to-you author!  Authors, click on the linky tool to join in the fun.


Since you're here, I'll share five random facts about me:
1) I'm a Virgo!
2) Yellow roses are my favorite roses
3) I prefer salty stuff over sweet stuff, though living with someone with a major sweet tooth has moderated that so now I'm pretty much an equal opportunity eater
4) I've read Wrath's Black Dagger Brotherhood book (Dark Lover) five times so far (just finished it again today) (Do you have a favorite Brother???)
5) Likes: Utz potato chips, peanut M&Ms, Snickers, mango body butter from The Body Shop, dangly earrings, turquoise (actually just about every color blue), thumb rings, sleeping with multiple pillows, painted toenails (but not fingernails), dark wash jeans, tattoos, my daughters' mispronunciations (calipitter for caterpillar and lellow for yellow)

Thanks for reading,


Liz Fichera said...

Hi Laura! Nice to meet you!

Francine said...


Great! Another Romance Writer.

Pleased to meet you (((hand proffered))) ;)


Laura Kaye said...
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Laura Kaye said...

Francine and Liz--hearty shakes all around! Thanks for dropping by!