Thursday, July 8, 2010

Falling in love all over again

So, I just finished second-round edits on Forever Freed.  The bad news is that means I've gotten no writing on Fantasy Life done so far this week.  The good news is that it gave me the chance to remember why I love this story and these characters so much.  Sigh.

That got me thinking about how writers decide what to write.  I was a good twenty pages into a manuscript about a haunting and possession when the idea for Forever Freed slammed into my brain nearly fully formed.  Lucien was there right from the start, telling me his story, reshaping my music interests (yes, literally), constantly nagging at me with plot bunnies and dialogue.  I had no choice but to write him.

But I tried to resist.  Why?  Because it is a vampire romance.  And I know some people are just done with the whole vampire craze and predicting it'll end next week and be replaced by minotaurs or some other whacked out supernatural creature.  How predictable.  How passe'.  How low brow.

But I wrote it.  Because I was totally in love with it.  It grabbed me from the first moments.  So much so that I ended up writing 50,000 words (for those playing along at home, that's about 150 pages) of Lucien's backstory that has since landed on the cutting room floor.  And I don't care how done they are, I've almost never met a vampire I didn't like.

My full formula for writing success is a subject for another time, but it seems to me two key elements are these:
  1. Write what you know
  2. Write what you love
I've read so much vampire romance that I know it.  I know the worlds, the rules, the thrill, the appeal.  I know what's been done and how to tweak it to make it more my own.  I know why these creatures have captivated me, and I use that to captivate others.  And, being such a huge fan of the fanged ones (and even their defanged, sparkly cousins *g*), I find them fun to write, fun to think about, fun to play with.  And I hope my delight and enthusiasm comes out onto the page.
So, I'm basking in the afterglow of just having returned the manuscript back to my editor, in part because I'm another big step closer to actual book in hand, but also because I fell in love with Forever Freed all over again.

Thanks for reading,


PurdueLiz said...

Loved this! And am quite anxious to get my hands on this as well. You know I adore your writing. :)


Paranomal Queen said...

Great post Laura. As a vampire lover, I doubt it will ever go away and be replaced my minotaurs. I fully understand how you feel. If you don't love it, then how can you write it well?

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Falling in love with our own work is one of the perks of writing. Having to divorce yourself from it to edit/rewrite/slash is one of the great tortures. How lovely to reach that edit stage and be able to fall in love again! :)