Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am beyond excited and exceedingly fortunate to be planning two writing-related trips at this end of this month.  The first is a week-long advanced novel workshop focused on the first 50 manuscript pages at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival in Iowa City.  The second is RWA Nationals in Orlando.  Occurring back-to-back as they do, they of necessity shape my writing schedule over the next couple weeks.  I have an agent appointment at RWA on Saturday, July 31, and here's what I'm hoping to accomplish to get ready for it in the coming days (watch for updates!):

Target writing goal for week of July 12 - 16:  20,000 words (would put Fantasy Life at the 50,000-word mark):
7/12:  Target = 4,000; Actual = 3,225
7/13:  Target = 4,000; Actual = 2,000 (booooo! .500 is a good average for a baseball player but not a writer! lol)
7/14:  Target = 4,000; Actual = 3,500
7/15:  Target = 4,000; Actual = 4,000!!
7/16:  Target = 4,000; Actual = 1,100 (pbbblllttt!)
TOTAL FOR WEEK:  13,825 (approximately 53 pages)

Target writing goal for week of July 18 - 24:  5,000 (this is the week of the novel workshop, during which I'll be critiquing as many as 13 other 50-page excerpts, so even 7,500 may be unrealistic.

Target writing goal for week of July 26 - 30: 10,000 (this is the week of the RWA and I'll only have two free writing days before the conference, BUT, if I can get near these goals, I'll have a nearly finished manuscript I can feel comfortable pitching on July 31.

Wish me luck!  And hope to see some of you at Nationals--I'm a complete newbie, so please say hello!

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Lisa said...

Hey, Laura! I'm going to Orlando as well! Maybe we'll run into each other! I'm beyond excited!

Laura Kaye said...

Lisa, that would be great!

Leigh D'Ansey said...

Your writing trips sound great, especially the advanced novel workshop. I hope you blog about it on your return!