Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New Business Cards

I know it's a little silly, but I'm so excited over my new business cards!  I'll be fully prepared to meet all those agents and editors at Nationals now!

Thanks for reading,


Lisa said...

Awesome! I still need to get some made. Not sure what to put on them. I better get on it quick! National is just around the corner!!

Laura Kaye said...

I got mine from vistaprint.com following a discussion about business cards on the RWA PRO listserv. They have maybe a dozen cards you can get for free, if you don't mind their business name on the back, or for $3.99 or 5.99, they have a huge selection of designs, and many of them have other items that coordinate with that design (pens, post-it notes, stationery, t-shirts, etc.). It was fun to play around with the designs!

muddassarshah said...

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