Saturday, June 26, 2010


So, I'm hoping if I write down what I need to accomplish in the next six weeks, it'll actually help hold me accountable to do it.  In an ideal universe, here's what's on tap:
  • Between now and July 31 (my agent pitch appointment), finish draft of Fantasy Life (in other words, write another 50,000 words)
  • ~June 29: Receive second round edits from my wonderful editor, Eilidh, on Forever Freed
  • July 6: Return completed edits to Eilidh at The Wild Rose Press
  • By July 12: Send 1st 50 pages of Fantasy Life to Iowa Workshop for, well, workshopping
  • July 18 - July 23: Advanced Novel Writing Workshop, Iowa Summer Writing Festival
  • July 27 - August 1: Romance Writers of America National Conference (agent pitch appointment)
  • August 24:  Real Life full-time work obligations intrude on ability to write full-time :(
Of greatest concern is bullet point one, upon which so much of the rest of this depends.  And that's where most of my focus is at the moment.  If you don't see a regular update here, click on the Fantasy Life link above and watch my little word count meter slide further and further to the right!  Writing 50,000 words in four otherwise busy weeks should be doable, providing this historically uncooperative WIP continues to cooperate.  Since April 1 (so, in the last 11 weeks), I've written 52,000 words, spent a week doing first round edits of Forever Freed, was on vacation for 8 days, was sick for two weeks, and, during the first 6 of these 11 weeks, I was still working full-time.  I needed to spell out those accomplishments, by the way, to make myself believe I really can get all this done yet this summer...yikes!

What's at the top of your to-do lists?  And how do you prioritize what gets done?

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Fran Lee said...

You are an ambitious lady! LOL!

Laura Kaye said...

OMG, I know. Over-ambitious, more like it! Thanks Fran!